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Stock Router Bits

Andrews Toolworks has a huge selection of hard to find, quality built router bits, so no matter what bit you are looking for, we probably have it. And if we do not have the bit you want, simply contact us, and we can manufacture a custom router bit for you.

All of our bits are manufactured to the highest standards possible. Unlike some other bits, none of ours are die-cast. Instead they are machined from 4140 low carbon steel and manufactured with Sandvik K-20 Swedish carbides. But we don't stop there. We use quality Japanese bearings that last 700% longer than the average router bearing. The shanks on our bits are hardened to RC45 for long life and durability, and then we top it all off with a 600 micron polish which provides an outstanding finish.

And best of all, our superior quality standards are coupled with the lowest prices around!